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The products in our toolbox are evidence-based tools or items that assist in your child’s development over the different Allied Health disciplines that we offer here at Connect. All the items we have on offer are used daily by our team to support outcomes-based intervention.

ARK’s Grabber Textured – Red


  • Oral motor chew which helps children and youth with oral sensory seeking craving stimulation and proprioceptive input
  • The bumps and nubs provide added tactile input to encourage texture acceptance and decrease food aversions
  • The Ark Grabber Texture also helps during therapy as they simulate the feel of actual food for realistic non-food chewing practice – It can desensitize sensations in the mouth, decrease oral defensiveness/aversions, and transition individuals with sensory issues from puréed to textured foods.
  • The red coloured is very SOFT and CHEWY – perfect for mild chewers, or those with limited oral motor skills who need to practise biting/chewing
  • NO latex, lead, phthalates, PVC, or BPA
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