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The products in our toolbox are evidence-based tools or items that assist in your child’s development over the different Allied Health disciplines that we offer here at Connect. All the items we have on offer are used daily by our team to support outcomes-based intervention.

Calming Clippers

For children with sensory and auditory challenges, getting a haircut can be an experience to be avoided at all costs, and a trip to the hairdresser can often end traumatically for both the child and parents. Your hair cut woes could be over with this fantastic new invention – the Calming Clipper! The Calming Clipper is the ‘quiet alternative to the electric clipper’, and is extremely easy to use. Banish the trauma of a trip to the hairdresser by doing your own cuts at home, making the experience of a ‘new do’ one that your child can anticipate without fear.

Everything you need is included in the box:

  • Quality barber scissors with rounded tips and serrated blade
  • Gel Finger Inserts removable for larger fingers or a looser fit
  • 7 combs included (from 1/2″ to 1″)
  • Comb Organizer
  • Barber Cape

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