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The products in our toolbox are evidence-based tools or items that assist in your child’s development over the different Allied Health disciplines that we offer here at Connect. All the items we have on offer are used daily by our team to support outcomes-based intervention.

The Pinch Grip


  • Balances structure with freedom.
  • Enhances comfort and control
  • Gently guides the fingers into the proper position for gripping.
  • Finger guard at base prevents fingers being too close to pencil tip.
  • It works for Righties and Lefties; simply place your thumb on the “R” if you’re right-handed and on the “L” if you’re left-handed.
  • Designed by doctors
  • Recommended by occupational therapists
  • 100% Latex free
  • Pthalate free
  • Soft, comfortable material
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